Why You Need Health Insurance

The Philippines does not have socialized medical care. If you have no health insurance coverage, you have to pay for health care out of your own finances at the time of service. This can run into many thousands of pesos for serious illnesses.

You buy health insurance for the same reason you buy other kinds of insurance: to protect yourself financially. With health insurance, you protect yourself and your family in case you need medical care that could be very expensive.

You cannot predict what your medical bills will be. In a good year, your costs may be low. But if you become ill, your bills could be very high. If you have health insurance, many of your costs are covered by a third-party payer, not by you. A third-party payer can be an insurance company or, in some cases, it can be your employer.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Yes, just today. I receive a call from the Caritas office that their Health Insurance Subscription will increase by 10% this coming October 1.

Monday, September 8, 2008


CARITAS HEALTH SHIELD, INC. is a health maintenance organization (HMO) which was established in 1995 as Health Shield, Inc.Our Total Paid up capital is P120M as of December 31, 2004.

They are accredited with the Department of Health and an active member of AHMOPI, the association of HMO companies in the Philippines.

They have set up trust funds to ensure that obligations to the members will be met. Our trustee banks are Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, Unionbank of the Philippines, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd., Bank of the Philippine Islands, Equitable - PCI Bank, Allied Bank, East West Bank, Banco de Oro, and Land Bank of the Philippines.

As of February 1, 2007, nationwide medical services network covers at least 353 hospitals (60 in Metro Manila and 293 in the provinces), 216 clinics and laboratories (65 in Metro Manila and 151 in the provinces), 6,558 physicians (1,847 in Metro Manila and 4,711 in the provinces) and 537 dentists (111 in Metro Manila and 426 in the provinces).

On October 2004, Clinica Caritas began operations with initial branches in Caritas Medical & Business Center-Head Office, Farmers Plaza-Cubao, Doña Anita-E. Rodriguez Sr., Times Plaza-Taft, Medical Plaza-Makati, Bonanza Plaza-Lagro, Q.C., and 77-D Arcade-Cainta, in Kings Commercial Building-LegaspiCity, Albay, and Avon Plaza-Capitol Site, Cebu City. With at least 18 branches, Clinica Caritas provides accessible, convenient and customer-friendly laboratory, diagnostic, and medical services to our members.

All physician members of our Board of Directors have worked as medical consultants of existing HMOs and they served well, true to their aspiration of making health care available to as many Filipinos as possible. Through the years, these top-rated physicians gained first-hand experience in servicing the health care needs of the members of the different HMOs, learned about patients’ concerns and selflessly responded to these concerns.


Protect yourself and your family.

If you are looking for a health card (HMO company), CARITAS HEALTH SHIELD, INC,. is BEST for YOU and for your family (FAther,Mother, Father-in Laws, Mother -in Laws, children, grand children).

Caritas has offers an excellent health benefits. Caritas Health Card can be used to all accredited hospitals and clinic in any part of the Philippines.

for Expanded 6, payable in 5 years worth P500,000.00 coverage - P42, 036 quarterly payments

for Expanded 6, payable in 5 years worth P300,000.00 coverage- P26,301quarterly payments

for Expanded 6, payable in 5 years worth P200,000.00 coverage- P17,713quarterly payments

for Expanded 6, payable in 5 years worth P150,000.00 coverage- P13, 353quarterly payments

for Expanded 6, payable in 5 years worth P100,000.00 coverage- P8,947quarterly payments

From the date of payment you can enjoy all the benefits from Caritas.

For in-patient:
  • hospital room
  • services of accredited physician or specialist
  • lab. tests, diagnostic procedures
  • use of operating and recovery room
  • I.C.U. surgical and/or medical equipment
  • dialysis and chemotherapy equipment
  • anesthesia and/or oxygen, medical supplies
  • prescribed drugs while confined in hospital
  • blood or plasma transfusion
  • CT scan
  • basic mammography
  • Echocardiography with doppler
  • Treadmill stress test
  • ultrasound
  • magnetic resonable imaging (MRI)
  • EMG
  • Nuclear test
  • emergency care.

For out-patient:
  • 12 consultations per year
  • 10 pre/post natal consultation per pregnancy
  • treatment of minor injury or illness
  • minor surgery, E, E, N&T Treatment.

Annual Physical Exam
  • taking of medical history
  • medical exam
  • chest x-ray (PA)
  • CBC
  • Fasting blood sugar
  • Urine and stool exam
  • ECG
  • Pap Smear.

Preventive Health Care
  • periodic monitoring of health problems
  • consultation on diet
  • excercise and other healthful habits
  • conseling on family planning
  • immunization
  • excluding cost of drugs or vaccine
  • enrollment on company sponsored health seminars.
Dental Care
  • 4 consultations/year
  • Annual oral prohylaxis
  • Tooth extraction
  • Temporary filling
  • Treatment of oral pain lesions, wounds and burns
Other services
  • 4 consultations a year for 1 predesignated dependet~
  • Discounts on non-covered health services at selected hospitals, labs, drug stores or optical shops
In case of death - FULLY PAID
In case of disability - BALANCE WAIVED

In 10th year, you can withdraw the 100% of the coverage plan. For interested parties, please contact email me at diths802@gmail.com with your name, telephone number/mobile number, address.